Meet the artist


I am Madalina, the artist behind Mada Jewellery and I thank you that you chose to have an incursion in my world

For me, the incursion into the art world started in the “Romul Ladea” High School, Cluj-Napoca. Later, I followed the University of Arts and Design from Cluj-Napoca, bachelors degree and masters, design department. In 2019 I started following the classes of contemporary jewellery within The Assamblage Institute of Art and Design Bucharest. 

I had searched for a long time for a form of expression that suited me before I became a jewellery designer. Painting was and remains my first love and when I realised that jewellery can be complemented by painting, I was overwhelmed by joy.

I am a person that loves details and that drives me to pay an exquisite attention to each piece I conceive. I have an affinity for silver and thus most pieces I design are made from this precious metal.

I consider that jewellery appeared in my life at the moment when I was ready to understand it. I desired to create something that survives the passage of time, objects that bring joy, are admired, wared, loved. I wished to leave stories behind me and I manage to do that with every unique piece or collection.

I am inspired by emotions, whether they come from books, movies, theatre or directly from the people I interact with or even imagination. I am very sensitive and although, for a long time, I considered this to be a disadvantage, through jewellery I realised that this is my superpower. I feel everything with intensity, I am an empathic person and I intuitively understand the fragility of emotions and that is why I’m counting on instinct when I create something

I invite you to stay present in my world and discover together the numerous possibilities that the fascinating universe of jewellery has to offer.